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21-Sep-2019 05:54

The outdoor terrace squats above the cobblestones of River Street, and may be the best spot in town to watch fireworks, but I can’t say for sure because there aren’t any fireworks tonight.Along the south wall, two rows of arm chairs have been positioned with tiny round glass tables ensconced between them.The perfect setting to meet lots of men in a matter of minutes.This is what dating had become in the 21 century—speed and strategy—the purest expression of the Pepsi generation, where (to borrow from Carrie Fisher) instant gratification takes too long.Let’s keep our alternative lifestyles for the second date.No one wants to know you’re a nudist in the first six minutes of meeting you.

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Everyone mingles, meets, greets and then the men stick their keys in the women’s locks. This takes place at Doubles Night Club, part of the Quality Inn Midtown on Abercorn. The age group for this event was advertised as 24 to 39, but two men are who are clearly past the age of 60 have decided they’re exceptions to this rule.Let me put it this way: Even Goldilocks’s “too hard” versus “too soft” dilemma wouldn’t have prepared her for the myriad complexities involved with the occasional suck-year of misadventures in modern dating.