Spinal cord dating

03-Aug-2020 11:53

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Tepper, PHD, MPH, for their assistance in providing information for this article.

For more information, download their free booklet, Living Your Life: Sexuality Following Spinal Cord Injury.

The firm’s attorneys are licensed to practice in Florida and Georgia. Use of this site or viewing the information contained on the site does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Some people may not be able to see past your injury.The majority of the content on this website was not created by lawyers or medical professionals.The information contained on this site should never be taken as a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney or health advice from a licensed healthcare professional.One participant even said that “dating seemed a lot less difficult” after his injury.

Bottom line, every person with a spinal cord injury must come to terms with the changes in their body image and self-concept.Laws frequently change, so the accuracy of information cannot be guaranteed.

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