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The model is one that is envied by many countries and Sweden has one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates in Europe.

However, to continue the trend of contradictions, Sweden has a high rate of STDs; in 2013 the country was named as the STD capital of Europe.

The adult industry in Sweden is small by comparison to other European neighbours and, once again, reflects a market of contradictions.

Paying for sex is illegal but buying it isn’t, pornography is not regulated and there is no age limit for purchasing pornographic materials but BDSM is an illegal depiction of violence.

The company produces and distributes some of Europe’s best-selling print titles as well as running dozens of adult websites and producing high-budget adult films for DVD and Video-On-Demand services.

The company is now run by Berth Milton Jr and is considered by many as one of the top ten adult entertainment companies in the world.

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The programme of learning starts at kindergarten and is very much in keeping with the national mindset of freedom, diversity and balance.

They just seem to have struck a very healthy balance of normalcy when it comes to sex.