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But, indeed, to every one interested in music and musicians the volume can hardly fail to be of interest.In his preface to _The Great Italian and French Composers_, Mr.It began to feel its way into new channels, and in the form of the opera became a national institution.

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The services of the Church gave rise to the oratorio, which, however, chiefly owes its development to Protestant genius, more especially to Handel.The first opera was "Il Conte Ugolino," composed by Vicenzio Galileo--father of the famous astronomer--and it was followed by various others, the titles of which need not here be recorded.At first, such performances took place in the palaces of nobles on grand occasions, when frequently both performers and musicians were of high rank.About the beginning of the eighteenth century a rival to the _serious_ opera sprang up in Naples--the _comic_ opera, the direct offspring of the people, and of lower artistic standing.

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But as the serious opera became more stately, more scientific, more purely formal, less human, less the expression of direct feeling, cultivated more for art's sake solely, the comic opera throve on the very qualities that its elder sister rejected, till at length the greatest musicians of the day, Pergolesi, Cimarosa, Mozart, wrote their masterpieces for it.Ferris explained that--as was very manifest--"the task of compressing into one small volume suitable sketches of the more famous Italian and French composers was, in view of the extent of field and the wealth of material, a somewhat embarrassing one, especially as the purpose was to make the sketches of interest to the general music-loving public, and not merely to the critic and scholar.