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22-Aug-2020 20:07

I'm sorry I couldnt be of more help in your situation. The question is more : are you enough self confident ? Read : "Operation white panther""Je glissais through the paper wall, an angel in the hand, s taboy.

Maybe if we could get a few more details and maybe some pictures then I might be able to contribute in a more helpful manner. I lay on the floor, surgi des chants de Maldoror, je mix l'intgrale de mes nuits de crystal, i belong to the festival....(Translation)...

You are asking personal advice and the only one who can answer your question is you. I wouldn't want to judge her without knowing her just as I wouldn't want anyone to judge me either without knowing me, would you?

She is really a beautiful woman and Monday this week she got birthday and I send her a nice bouquet of flowers and she Tuesday send me some photos of her with the flowers and other photos from her birthday.

If you have the tickets and wanted to go to Ukraine any way, just get on the plane and go and meet her and as I/O said...."Pack your preservation and get your penicillin shots up to scratch."If you live in Denmark, go ask advice of the Helsesster. You can be a sexual person, showing male attitude You can fuck, act like a man in a bed But discuss about sex ?

For one of the first times in my life, I don't know what to say. I never discuss sex with woman, i raise their desire, i create a sexual tension or i get laid, but discuss ????

2-3 weeks ago she told that she also had tried to have sex with 2 men at the same time and that is not normally in my world.

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About sex in general she also told some months ago : seriously Im god ! Now I really dont know about it will be good idea to go and visit her about 3 weeks.On our website You will find a variety of profiles of girls from Odessa that are willing to give You his love, albeit briefly.