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22-Dec-2019 17:54

Do note that checking the hard drive will pause writing to it, and since the system is continuously writing and updating data on the drive, this may result in the system hanging for a few seconds while the checking routines run, so do not be alarmed if you see the spinning color wheel cursor and cannot perform other tasks while this routine is going on.However, even if the system seems paused for a long time, the routine should resume sooner or later. Gonzalo Martinez is the President of Clever Tech, a tech repair business he founded over 5 years ago.Clever Tech LLC specializes in repairing Apple branded devices like i Phones, i Pads, Macbooks & i Macs.

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While periodic maintenance of your Mac is usually not necessary to keep it running in top shape, one exception is periodically checking your hard drive for errors.If problems do exist, then you can fix them by booting the system to the OS X installation or recovery volume and then using Disk Utility there to repair them, or running the diskutil commands listed above again but using "repair Volume" instead of the "verify Volume" command.To use the fsck command, you can run it with the following flags to perform the repair: sudo fsck_hfs -fy /dev/disk0s2 Keep in mind that when booted to the OS X installation or recovery drive, the "disk0" ID will likely now represent the recovery drive instead of the system's main boot drive.A leader in environmental responsibility, they recycle aluminums, display assemblies & all the way down to the micro components on motherboards to reuse in future repairs.

On average, they save 2lbs - 3lbs of electronic waste over the average repair shop.

If for some reason the routine seems stuck (which is rare but may happen), since it is just a checking routine, you can force-quit Disk Utility to halt the check and return your system to a usable state.

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