When do dj and steve start dating

18-Apr-2020 18:40

Consider: (a) Cousin Steve was sicklier in his youth: glasses, acne, braces, weak, scrawny, etc. (b) Cousin Steve wants to spend time with the guys, perhaps making up for a weaker relationship with his father in his childhood.Unlike Cousin Steve, there's nothing that forces the conclusion that Boyfriend Steve is a time-traveler.It is also revealed later in the series that Jesse was born "Hermes Katsopolis."It is also known that, early in the series, Jesse had graduated high school (revealed in the high school reunion episode) but then later in the series, Jesse had not graduated high school (and he began taking night classes and studying with Boyfriend Steve).Speaking of Boyfriend Steve, his last name was initially Peters and then later became Hale.I believe the nexus of Steves holds the key to understand what is going on.I propose that "Steve," in the context of Full House is a signifier meaning "Time-Traveler." It is a pseudonym adopted by time-travelers to honor the inventor of time travel, Steve Urkel. I propose: Stavros is Jesse We see three versions of Jesse of varying Greekness throughout the series: Jesse Cochran (the least Greek), Hermes "Jesse" Katsopolis (the medium Greek), and Stavros (the most Greek).The Twins are Steves Cousin Steve can only really be DJ's first cousin if he is from the future, and the only known first cousins are Nicky and Alex, so I am not going to needlessly invent new cousins.

Her father has one sister who is childless later in the series.His father is absent because his father is future-Jesse (Stavros? I think evidence points to Alex being Cousin Steve, drawing primarily on the episode "Yours, Mine and Ours" wherein Alex is sick and Jesse and Becky imagine the effects of their different parenting styles on the twins.If I recall correctly, Alex is influenced by Becky, and Nicky is influenced by Jesse.Now, obviously, even if Stephanie is a time-traveler, cutting a man's hair could only change his life after the haircut and not his history. By severing his hair, Stephanie was severing Jesse's connection to his original past. Also, since the particulars of time-travel in this universe are not known, we might suppose that, not only are these people capable of traveling bodily through time, they are also capable of advancing or regressing time in the context of their own body, an "age-travel" if you will.

It merely signifies to us that, yes, Stephanie, too, is a time-traveler, and that she is the one responsible for altering Cochran family's heritage. If we don't allow for this, there is a complete lack of possibilities within the show.But consider that: (a) By now, the name "Steve" is clearly associated with time-travel, (b) once we have accepted that one twin is a time-traveler, the other twin's time-travel is obviously suggested, and (c) Boyfriend Steve can't keep his last name straight (a trait associated Katsopolises).