Windows live mail rss feeds not updating

29-Nov-2020 21:02

These errors indicate that you can no longer use the old technology, Delta Sync protocol, on your account anymore. Next, when prompted “Let devices and apps use POP but don’t allow them to delete messages,” click Yes5. Once you’ve enabled POP3, head to your Windows Live Mail. Tick the box that reads “Manually configure server settings”3.

Although Microsoft provides detailed instructions on how to set up IMAP on your account, there have been reports of error messages on such accounts. If your experience with the IMAP has been a non-functioning email, then you may want to set up a POP3 instead. There you’ll create a new account for your old email address. Next, choose “POP” using the server “address,” and choose “Port: 995” with a secure connection (Secure Socket Layer or SSL); this sets up “Incoming server information.”4.

It might interest you to get some Windows Live Mail help about errors you might encounter.

Microsoft outlines these errors by their codes, types, and description.

Since March 2017, servers with the IMAP server name ( haven’t worked well. To set up “Outgoing server information,” use the server address “” and “Port: 25.” If Port: 25 is blocked, then use Port: 587.

According to Microsoft, “ gives better results for most users. User feedback verifies that these settings have been great Windows Live Mail help.

Windows Mail remains active, but if you use Windows Live Mail 2012 on your PC with any Microsoft email service like, Live, or Hotmail, then you’ll need to change your email settings.

If you’re seeing these error codes, then you’ve been moved to the new and upgraded version of your account.

When you sign into your Windows Live Mail online, at your window’s top-left corner, you’ll notice two Outlook Mail banners as shown below.

Use “” for the incoming server address and enter “993” as the port number.6. Choose “Clear text” from the drop-down menu to configure “Authenticate using.”8.

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Enter your email address in full for the “Logon username.”9.

In the mean time, users seeking Windows Live Mail help can still use the mail client, provided they make some changes.